Welcome to Juvana Medica – the unique Anti Aging experience  

It is not just a dream, but today the Anti Aging cell therapy is well studied and documented. It really may make a difference as to how you look and feel. Experienced medical professionals with a combination of treatments as well as high-tech laboratory procedures, combining the latest knowledge in research and technology. This will make your treatment a unique experience.

Exclusive & private treatment experience

During your stay, all treatments are in a very private and exclusive setting. While therapy or an application takes place, everything will happen very privately and except if you wish to have friends or family members along there will be no other person in the room.

Stem-Cells (Autologous Adult Stem-Cell Therapy)

We are member of ISSCR

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, which have the important properties of self-renewal and differentiation! Cell therapy using reproductive cells such as stem cells restores organs damaged by disease or trauma.


Антивозрастная терапия стволовыми клетками

We are experienced and specialized for high class international guests who look for privacy and best of breed therapies.


Our body contains more than four trillion cells and regenerates itself almost completely every seven years. In healthy young persons, this regeneration of cells occurs regularly in a balanced and energetic way. As we get older, these regenerative processes decrease and are overcome by degenerative processes. Why? There are a few reasons, but foremost is a deterioration of our immunity!


The 8 to 10 day JUVANA MEDICA program is a high quality full-board accommodation, individualized cell therapy and diagnostic program. Optional treatments and diagnostics using the latest technology and experts in the field can be chosen.